Give The Gift Of Experience This Christmas With Fever’s Adelaide Candlelight Gift Card

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Give The Gift Of Experience This Christmas With Fever’s Adelaide Candlelight Gift Card

Struggling to find a last-minute gift for your favorite Adeladian? Fever—the organisers of the concerts by Candlelight series around the world—is offering a priceless gift this year: the gift of experience.

Instead of spending hours in stores umming and ahhing over whether they’ve got that book, jumper or necklace, or hours on the internet in search of the perfect pressie, you can hop across to Fever and pick up the gift of a unique experience.cellist performing candlelight concert

Candlelight concerts have invited Adeladians to relive the greatest works of classical music, from Vivaldi to Mozart to Bach, in an intimate atmosphere and experience music in a new light at some of the city’s most stunning venues. They’ve been an enormous success and wowed audiences night after night.

But Candlelight has now upped the offering with tribute concerts to jazz greats, rock legends, and pop superstars—past and present. There are also Candlelight concerts for magical movie soundtracks and anime favourites with more special and unique concerts coming up in the near future. Choosing which to experience is no easy feat.

Material gifts might not last the test of time but memories of a magical night will last forever and there are none that match the intensity of a masterful candlelit performance. To ensure an enchanting evening, a Candlelight gift card provides the right mix of choice, charm, and convenience.

Once you purchase the gift card, Fever will send you an email with a voucher code. These can then be printed out or forwarded to the chosen person you’re gifting it to. From there, they’ll add the code into their Fever app and voilà! They now have access to some of Adelaide’s most exciting experiencesThe gift card can be used on any of the Candlelight events on the app until the credit runs out.

These are the Candlelight concerts coming up in Adelaide

Candlelight: Vivaldi Four Seasons
February 11, 2022 6:30 PM
Candlelight: Tribute to Queen at The Meeting Hall
April 16, 2022 6:30 PM
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