South Australia Records No New Cases On Final Day Of Lockdown Which Means…

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

South Australia Records No New Cases On Final Day Of Lockdown Which Means…

Lockdown ends as planned tonight at midnight.

One week. Seven days. And it’s over, at least for now.

Speaking to the media Premier Steven Marshall said, “I know it will be a huge relief for all South Australians and I want to reiterate my grateful thanks to every single person who has done an outstanding job over the last seven days to put us in this position that we will be releasing people from lockdown at midnight.”

Furthermore, Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier said that although 6000 people remained in quarantine, the list of exposure sites had not grown.

“Whilst the lockdown is lifted for the whole of South Australia, unfortunately those people who are in directed quarantine need to remain in quarantine for the full 14 days,” she said.

Intent on avoiding a relapse, Mr Marshall said that mask-wearing would be strongly encouraged in indoor workspaces. “It’s particularly important when you’re in common areas — you might be in the tearoom, you might be at the photocopier, you might be in the lift or in the foyer area — we want to see that mask on,” the Premier said.


Masks are mandatory in high-risk settings as well as in public spaces and now in high schools across the state. This return to mask-wearing is likely to be in place for at least a week but is likely to remain in place for slightly longer in order to prevent the Delta strain from taking hold and spreading.

In South Australia, there are currently 25 active coronavirus cases.

For more information, see the SA Health website.

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