10 Of Netflix Australia’s Most Romantic Films To Warm Your Soul With

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10 Of Netflix Australia’s Most Romantic Films To Warm Your Soul With

Relax this Valentine’s Day with these romantic flicks.

We all need a good sob from time to time. The mushy, soppy part of is crying out for some catharsis and these films will definitely help you satiate the hopeless romantic that exists in most of us. So why not settle down with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and pour your heart out to these gems? Honestly, they’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy in about 20 mins max.

1. Top End Wedding

Credit: Imdb

Obviously, the Aussie film has to come first in this list. This couple are totally in love and they want to get married so badly. However, the bride’s mother has disappeared and they have to navigate all kinds of obstacles to find her again so that they can declare their love for one another in a lovely, romantic ceremony. Those aren’t spoilers, cos look at the photo. Anyway, it’s lovely and perfect to watch on Valentine’s Day.

2. Ghost

Credit: themoviedb

Everyone has either seen or heard of this film. It’s a classic, and it’s a classic for a reason. In 1990, back when it released, Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore made hearts flutter with their showstopping performances in this romantic film. The couple is all lovey-dovey until all of a sudden one of their lives is taken, and they are destined to forever watch over the other as a ghostly companion. My eyes are leaking already.

3. Stardust

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If you’re after a true fairytale romance then look no further, cos this film has it all. The most adorable character is in love with a beautiful woman and he promises her that he will find an actual star to give her. So he sets out to retrieve a star from the heavens, and… well, it just gets mushier from there, really. Plus, it was written by Neil Gaiman so the story is excellent.

4. Call Me By Your Name

Credit: sonyclassics

A young American man visits his family’s massive villa in Italy and slowy falls in love with a vistor. It’s lovely and heartwarming. Plus, the scenery will take you away to Italy and we could all do with a bit of escapism right now. Timothee Chalamet and Arnie Hammer offer stunning performances in this film, so if you’re a fan of either star then this is the film for you.

5. Always Be My Maybe

Credit: vodspy

When they were young the two protagonists were close, eventually getting up to some hanky panky, and they forgetting about it as they grow apart over time. Both are in relationships by the time they meet again as adults, but that doesn’t stop them from falling for one another all over again. The story is pretty cute and definitely worth a watch.

6. The Light Between Oceans

Credit: traileraddict

Now, this one is 100% going to make you cry. Michael Fassbender plays a lighthouse keeper who lives off the Western coast of Australia with his wife, played by Alicia Vikander. They are worried that they will never be able to conceive a baby and then a baby washes up on the shore, on a little boat. They rescue the baby and raise it as their own but the story doesn’t end there. You will wish it did though when you’re gently weeping to yourself.


7. The Great Gatsby

Credit: @medium

When Baz Luhrmann announced that he’d be creating an adaptation of the classic novel The Great Gatsby, people went wild.  The reason for this furor was that the novel is phenomenal. It’s the roaring ’20s and our main man still fancies his childhood sweetheart – Daisy. Daisy’s marriage isn’t particularly happy and she pines for the man who loves her two. However, things are not that simple, and writer F. Scott Fitzgerald was out to break hearts with this novel. Accordingly, this film is also heartbreaking, but with an amazing soundtrack mixing ’20s jazz with music from the modern-day, as is typical of a Luhrmann film.

8. A Knights Tale

Credit: rottentomatoes

A favourite of Aussie mums, this film features heartthrob Heath Ledger who is sadly no longer with us. Heath plays a peasant who, after his master dies, becomes the true, stereotypical knight in shining armour. It’s cheesy but it’s a proper heartwarmer and it’s definitely worth watching this Valentine’s Day.

9. The Notebook

Credit: imdb

Everyone’s heard of The Notebook. It was a huge success when it was released in 2004 and it’s been lodged firmly in the hearts of romantic film-lovers ever since. It tells the story of a couple from different sides of the wealth divide. A rich woman falls in love with a man who has very little. However, the difference in social class between the two of them becomes a problem and forces them apart. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

10. The Big Sick

Credit: themoviedb

‘The Big Sick’ might not be the most romantic-sounding title, but it’s will certainly get those tear ducts going. A comedian from Pakistan and a post-graduate student from America fall in love in the US. It’s all love and fluffy until one of them contracts an illness and they have somewhat of a culture clash on interacting with the other person’s parents.

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