SA’s Mini-Festival For Emerging Talent Returns To The Stage And Tickets Are Now On Sale

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SA’s Mini-Festival For Emerging Talent Returns To The Stage And Tickets Are Now On Sale

The return of Scouted is a big deal for South Australian emerging artists.

After a year-long hiatus due to you-know-what, South Australia’s mini-festival for emerging talent makes a comeback this October with a line-up that’s sure to rock the Lion Arts Factory. And we’re keen on getting out to support not just live music, but young talent seeking to break into an industry that’s been rocked hard by cancellations and loss of jobs.

Scouted 2021 returns as part of the Umbrella Festival, which has been extended to October 17 2021. The line-up is pretty special as well with five-piece indie-pop group Bermuda Bay on the ticket as well as happy/sad surf-pop trio Don’t Bring Stacey, The Empty Threats bringing their neo-psych sounds, hip hop heads and First Nations artists LBG, indie-pop sweethearts Mum Friends, and femme indie-rock group Oscar The Wild.

It won’t be a surprise if one or more of these wonderful unsigned and emerging musical artists make a name for themselves in front of significant music industry representatives and lovers of good music. To help them get their name out, a song from each set will be filmed and edited by a team of videographers for distribution to the national industry.


Scouted 2021 takes place on October 8 at the Lion Arts Factory.

For more info and tickets, which cost $25, see the website.

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