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Experience The Magic Of This Open-Air Candlelight Concert In The Barossa Valley

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Experience The Magic Of This Open-Air Candlelight Concert In The Barossa Valley

Picnic, wine, candlelight and music with picturesque views—say no more!

As the days grow shorter, we’re on the lookout for as many fabulous ways we can draw out this summer feeling. We’re wanting to make the most of the good weather we’re graced with and enjoy our time outside with friends as the sun dips below the horizon. It’s not much to ask for.

It seems that our friends at Fever have been thinking, dreaming or wishing of the same because they’ve come up with a plan that has us already asking where, when and how much—Adelaide’s first concert by Candlelight beneath the stars. And the venue is just wow.

This one-off open-air Candlelight concert will take place at Jacob Creek Winery in the Barossa Valley.

That’s right, Jacob’s Creek. Now, just imagine the soft sound of music played by a string quartet floating over the vineyards of the Barossa Valley as night falls and envelops you, your guest and the 365-year-old gum tree that has become synonymous with one of Australia’s most famous wines.

This special open-air Candlelight concert will take place on the evening of 6 March (thankfully there are two sessions) where all guests will receive a tote bag, picnic rug and hamper filled with cheese, meats, smoked fish, crispbreads and dips, and chocolate brownies for a special sweet touch.

Since this is Jacob’s Creek, you will also be treated to a glass of wine where you can choose from the Double Barrel, Reserve, Signature, or Spritz drops.

To upgrade your seating, the VIP package includes the option to sit on a chair as well as seating in a prime position to experience the night. To make sure you don’t miss any of the performance, VIP will also have the option of picnic-rug service.

Unlike the other concerts by Candlelight taking place in Adelaide, this evening of enchantment will be slightly more modern and will feature famous film scores such as Moon River by Henry Mancini from ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’, Gabriel’s Oboe by Ennio Morricone from ‘The Mission’, and What The World Needs Now by Burt Bacharach from ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’.

Please note that for safety reasons the candles will be flameless. This image was taken from the Sydney open-air Candlelight concert at The Maritime Museum

To make the most of your evening, doors will open one hour before the first performance (7pm) and 45 minutes before the second performance (9.30pm) so that guests may wander through the display vineyard and take in the charming views of the Barossa Valley before the one-hour concerts begin.

Tickets ($100 or $140 VIP) can only be purchased in pairs to ensure socially distant seating.

Don’t miss out on this unique open-air Candlelight concert at Jacob’s Creek and experience the magic of music under the stars and bathed in candlelight.

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