Strawberry Picking Season Is In Session And The Best Months Are Still Ahead Of Us · Beerenberg Family Farm

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Strawberry Picking Season Is In Session And The Best Months Are Still Ahead Of Us · Beerenberg Family Farm

The Beerenberg Family Farm, near Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills, is six generations old and the knowledge of the land, as well as the farming techniques to really get the most out of the soil, the sun, and the seeds, have been passed down for 200 years. This is part of the secret to some of, if not the, sweetest and best-tasting strawberries on the market.

But if you want the freshest strawberries, you’re going to have to head up into the Adelaide Hills and pick them yourself at the farm’s famous Strawberry Patch, which is now open.

The best strawberry picking months are still ahead of us with the coming of the warmer months. According to the Paech family, the proud owners of Beerenberg Family Farm, the best months are usually November through to April.

Open most days throughout the season, the Strawberry Patch only closes for a few select reasons, which is why it is imperative that those looking to get their strawberry fix should check the farm website (up the top) to see if the Patch is actually open. One such reason the Patch could close is that the juicy berries have all been picked and the new berries need a few days to grow and ripen.


Entry into the Strawberry Patch is only $5, but free for kids under 12, and each kilo that you pick will cost $10.95/kg. What’s a kilo going to cost you at the supermarket?

When you visit the farm this summer, you’re more than likely going to be taking some happy snaps of your picked produce. If this sounds like you, remember to tag the photo on Instagram with #PickMeBeerenberg for your chance to win a delicious box of Beerenberg goodies — jams, chutneys, sauces and dressings.

The Beerenberg Family Fun is open seven days a week from 9am to 5pm. However, entry into the Strawberry Patch closes at 4:15pm.

Remember, check the website before you leave home.

Strawberry Picking at Beerenberg Family Farm

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