SA’s 17m Lobster Has Been Crowned The Winner Of “Big Things” In Australia

Jordan Clayden-Lewis Jordan Clayden-Lewis


Australia is notorious for its big things scattered through the country, some of which have put towns on the map. The Big Banana, the Big Pineapple, the Big Koala, the Big Potato, just to name a few. But a true underdog has taken the title as the winner of Australia’s big things. And it’s our very own Larry the Lobster, the legendary road trip icon of Kingston, South Australia.

The public poll took place on Twitter, and out of the 64 entrants—which included everything from The Big Peanut in Kingaroy, Queensland, to the Big Kookaburra in Kurri Kurri—Larry the Lobster came out on top after a close vote between him and Rambo the Big Merino in Goulburn.

Larry the Lobster

The 17m crayfish — which can be seen from space, just quietly— was built 40 years ago and has been a South Australia tourist attraction ever since. Back in 2016, the site for Larry was threatened to be closed due to a financial setback. A campaign was then run by the Australian comedy duo, Hamish and Andy, raising funds to save him. While the #PinchAMate raised enough funds to refurbish the giant lobster, it was the new owner that ultimately saved Larry and the restaurant behind him, which is now a popular takeaway shop and stop-off spot.



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