All The Best Coffee Spots In Adelaide City Centre

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All The Best Coffee Spots In Adelaide City Centre

Adelaide has long been known for its food and wine, but what about its coffee?


Coffee hasn’t really been on Adelaide’s radar for that long if we’re honest. There’s always been a cafe or two pouring a good drop but these places were few and far between. Today, however, is another story. So much so that 2019 saw the inaugural Adelaide City Coffee Championships, which picked winners from all four corners of Adelaide’s city centre.

Luckily for us morning brew addicts, there are more than four quality cafes pouring top-quality coffee in the centre of Adelaide. There are some that even roast their own beans, others that offer multiple beans, and most giving multiple extraction methods to choose from. So whether you’re on your way into work in the morning, stepping out for a breather, or needing an afternoon pick me up, there’s quality to choose from.

1. Where We Met

πŸ“Β  A 40-seater cafe with floor-to-ceiling windows right across the road from the beautiful Veale Gardens. Food that is not provided by Patlin Growers or Dirty Inc is picked up at the Wayville Farmers’ Market, so you know you’re going to be eating fresh, quality produce.Β Where We Met also doubles as a retail space selling roasted coffee from Kangarilla’s Dawn Patrol.

πŸ•– Weekdays 7:30 – 3pm, Saturdays 8am – 2pm

πŸ“ 114 South Terrace

2. Sibling

πŸ“ After eight years living and working in Melbourne, owners Caitlin Duff and husband Nathaniel Morse transformed an empty space into a family-run cafe serving up a no-fuss menu of bagels, toasties, and a number of vegan dishes. MakeΒ SiblingΒ your regular and you’ll be on a first-name basis soon enough.

πŸ•– Weekdays 7:30 – 3pm

πŸ“ 96 Gilles Street

3. My Kingdom For A Horse

πŸ“ From strength to strength, even during a pandemic.Β My Kingdom For A Horse has opened a satellite cafe to save you the cross-city trek to their operation on Wright Street, which is where they roast coffee and prepare their fabulous toasties, salad bowls, and breakfast burritos. The Wright Street cafe, a 120-person licensed venue, offers a seasonal, all-day a la carte menu. Book in advance for an inside seat or walk-in to snag a spot outside.

πŸ•– Weekdays 7-4pm, Weekends & Public Holidays 8-4pm

πŸ“ 191 Wright Street

πŸ“11 Waymouth Street

4. Coffylosophy

πŸ“ Coffee at this Adelaide cafe is life. Not only have they been finalists in The City Awards 2019 for the Best Coffee Spot Adelaide, but they’ve also been listed as one of the top cafes on Beanhunterβ€”not all reviews agree, however. In terms of food, they’ve got a load of on-the-run deli items, a large breakfast menu including a number ofΒ benedict options as well as catering to the lunch crowd with a few burgers and other items.

πŸ•– Everyday 7am – 3pm

πŸ“ 198A Hutt Street

5. Cafe Troppo

πŸ“ Cafe Troppo is a vibe. A quick scroll through their Instagram feed and it’s hard to sayΒ No, I don’t want to go.Β Why? It just looks like everyone there is having a good time. They’re relaxed and having a good time, surrounded by good food, good coffee, and natural and reclaimed materials. The corner store also offers delivery within a 10km radius for a great range of home supplies. Fancy a pizza night at home? They’ve got you covered with all the ingredients you need to make your own pizza at home, including the bottle of red wine.

πŸ•– Tuesday – Sunday 7:30 – 3pm

πŸ“ 42 Whitmore Square

6. Crack Kitchen

πŸ“ Tall, light, and airy. With a roastery operating on the mezzanine and plants hanging from the ceiling, Crack Kitchen is a lovely space to spend some time sipping on your favourite brew.

πŸ•– Weekdays 7.30am – 3pm, Weekends 8am – 3pm

πŸ“ 13 Franklin Street

7. Elementary Coffee

πŸ“ Not just another cafe roasting no. Nope. Elementary Coffee is first and foremost a wholesale coffee roaster where visitors and diners are able to partake in the coffee ritual in pretty much the same space their coffee was roasted in. If you’re looking for food too, no sweat, they’ve got some food too.

πŸ•– Weekdays 7:30am – 3:30pm

πŸ“ 9-17 Young Street

8. Fiefy’s Specialty Cafe

πŸ“ Unassuming. Not that hip or cool. But do you need to be when the coffee is this good? No. Fiefy owner Sineenart (Fiefy) Anuwatanaphorn, has been slinging coffee from Pirie Street for almost a decade now and with a number of international barista awards to her name as well as the South Australian Barista Championship in 2010, it’s clear that this is a place that knows what it’s doing. Like, just look at that latte art.

πŸ•– 7.30am – 4.00pm (Flinders St), Pirie Street is doing delivery, pick-up and online services

πŸ“ 45 Pirie Street

πŸ“ 50 Flinders Street

9. Handsome and the Duchess

πŸ“ Options, options, options and servings that are on the generous side are just some of the reasons that have Adelaideans returning for more. From sandwiches and pies to sweet treats, and obviously coffee too, you’ll actually have to return a few times to try a bit of everything.

πŸ•– Weekdays 6.30am – 3pm, Saturdays and nights ‘on hold’


πŸ“ 16 McHenry Street

10. Please Say Please

πŸ“ Brewing Melbourne’sΒ Proud Mary Coffee and serving up macarons and bronuts in all sorts of fun and fanciful flavours,Β Please Say PleaseΒ is right to be proud of their cult following.

πŸ•– Weekdays 6am – 4pm

πŸ“ 50 Grenfell Street

11. Larry & Ladd

πŸ“ A custom-built matte black Synesso machine is the centrepiece at Larry & Ladd and the cafe has now completely updated the outdated 1920s Regent Arcade. Before you get your hands buttery or dirty with any one of their great sandwiches, check out the records in store.

πŸ•– Weekdays 7am – 4pm, Saturdays 8am – 2pm

πŸ“ Shop 36, Regent Arcade 101-109 Rundle Mall

12. Exchange Specialty Coffee

πŸ“ A loyal following continually fills the tables inside and out ofΒ Exchange Specialty Coffee.Β And, it’s easy to see why when their coffee, provided by Market Lane Coffee and locals Monday’s Coffee Co, is that good. Veg and vegan options round out the tight yet impressive menu.

πŸ•– Weekdays 7am – 4pm,Β  Saturdays 8am – 4pm, Sundays 9am – 4pm

πŸ“ Shops 1-3 12-18 Vardon Avenue

13.Β Coffee Branch

πŸ“ Coffee coffee coffee and some food. But if you’re going toΒ Coffee Branch, coffee is the way to go since these guys are probably the ones to thank for kicking Adelaide’s love for coffee into high gear.

πŸ•– Weekdays 7am – 3pm, Saturdays 8am – 12 pm

πŸ“ 32 Leigh Street

14.Β Bonobo Espresso

πŸ“ More of a grab-and-go style cafe than anything else, Bonobo EspressoΒ does have a few seats where you can, well, sit down and enjoy your caffeinated drink.

πŸ•– Weekdays 7am – 3pm

πŸ“ 16 Bank Street

15. Petter Rabbit

πŸ“ Walk through the garden and past all the foilage and you’ll be forgiven that just minutes earlier you were strolling through the centre of Adelaide. The freshest of foods, the tastiest coffees, and good people all round makeΒ Peter RabbitiΒ a welcome escape.

πŸ•– Weekdays 7:30 – 3pm, Saturdays 8am – 3pm, Sundays 8:30 – 2:30pm

πŸ“ 234 – 244 Hindley Street

16. La Moka

πŸ“ Italian by day, Italian by night. Need we say more?

πŸ•– Monday – Thursday 7am – 4pm, Fridays 7am – 2am, Saturdays 5:30pm – 2am

πŸ“16a Peel Street

17. Mornings Coffee

πŸ“ Slinging coffee out of a gin and whisky bar, Mornings Coffee has been a great addition to Peel Street since opening. No kitchen means your day-in, day-out pastries as well as simple snacks, but with such a stylish interior, we don’t really mind. Hell, we know a few people that have walked around for an hour just to come back and drink top-shelf liquor at 4pm whenΒ Malt & JuniperΒ opens.

πŸ•– Weekdays 7am – 3pm

πŸ“ 18 Peel Street

18. Avila Coffee

πŸ“ One of the coziest cafes in Adelaide. You might just have to go see for yourself, but take a book with you.

πŸ•– Weekdays 7am – 4:30pm, Saturdays 7:30 – 1pm

πŸ“ 22 Hindmarsh Square

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(Featured image: Photo by Karl Fredrickson on Unsplash)

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