Don’t Be Fooled And Get The Inside Scoop With This Award-Winning Magician At The Adelaide Fringe

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Don’t Be Fooled And Get The Inside Scoop With This Award-Winning Magician At The Adelaide Fringe

Can you trust the confessions of a fake fake-psychic?

We’re not so sure since trusting a person who has made a living from tricking others and making them believe in illusions is setting you up to fall hard. However, magician Tom Weil is adamant that he is being honest. (Featured image: @tomweilmagician)

Tom claims that the mind-reading tricks he is performing are just that—tricks—and that he is not really a psychic, no matter how much you want to believe that he is. To prove that he really is telling the truth, he’s taking to the stage and confessing the ins-and-outs and how-it-works of the tricks that he does. And just in case, he’ll also explain why we want to believe these tricks and illusions are true.

Confessions of a Fake Fake-Psychic is a fast-paced show, fun and interactive where audience members will end up questioning what is real and what is in their head. Of his show, Tom says ”“This is not a show about debunking those that claim to be psychic. But while some accept easy answers to life’s complex questions, sometimes much more beauty can be found in looking deeper into how something works.”

Tom, originally from the UK, now calls Adelaide home after arriving one day before the international lockdown took effect last year. As a member of the prestigious magic society, The Magic Circle, Tom has toured and performed across Europe, Asia and the United States for the past fifteen years and honed in-depth knowledge of psychology. Confessions of a Fake Fake-Psychic will be Tom’s first Australian public performace.


Confessions of a Fake Fake-Psychic will be performed at Breakout at The Mill on Angas Street at 9pm from 9-14 March and at 7:30pm from 16-21 March. The show received five-star reviews at both the Manila and Edinburgh Fringe.

For more info and to book your tickets, head over here.

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