This Free Online Game Lets You Play Through The Major Events Of 2020

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This Free Online Game Lets You Play Through The Major Events Of 2020

Recap the mayhem of 2020 in a quick, entertaining way.

We all know 2020 was a wild ride from start to finish. It was a year nobody expected, and one nobody will forget. Many don’t ever want to relive the year’s events, but if you’re a glutton for punishment and want to flashback to 2020, there’s now a way to do so. [Featured image: 2020game.io]

On January 1, 2021, first-time game developer Max Garkavy released a fun web game based on the major events of 2020 for all to enjoy. The game only takes a few minutes and you can play for free on both desktop and mobile browsers.

The 2020-based web game starts off in Australia, leading you through the burning forest bushfires (wildfires in the game, but we’ll look past that) where you’ll save a koala from the flames.


You’ll then jump right to the point when the COVID-19 pandemic started to ramp up, where you’ll encounter the infamously long lines at the supermarkets and stockpile on food and, of course, toilet paper.


Afterwards, you’ll wander past closed gyms, restaurants, and cinemas while you dodge COVID-19 virus particles floating around in the air.



Other highlights of the game include dodging the falling stock market, watching the U.S. presidential election race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, passing a mural reference to George Floyd, and witnessing the rise of Tik Tok.


The game ends on an ominously hilarious note, depicting the future of 2021 plagued by zombies, UFOs, and Godzilla. Who knows, maybe it won’t be far off from reality.

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