Hurl Hatchets And Drink Beer At This Axe-Throwing Venue In Thebarton · Maniax

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Hurl Hatchets And Drink Beer At This Axe-Throwing Venue In Thebarton · Maniax

Maniax is the only licensed axe-throwing company in the country!

Maniax, Australia’s premiere axe-throwing company, has finally landed in Adelaide so now you can work up a sweat before quenching your thirst with a cold one. The beer, however, can only be drunk after all of your axes have been thrown and, if we’re honest, some of us are glad that that is the case because some people can’t throw a ball, let alone an object with an edge so sharp that it could amputate any limb on your body.

All of us are, though, are glad that every session at Maniax begins with an introduction to safety as well as a quick coaching session from one of the resident ‘axeperts’ because nobody wants an axe flying back at their head after bouncing off of the wooden target board.

Maniax axe-throwing in Thebarton is divided into the following packages: Quick Chuck, Public Sessions, Private Sessions, Date Night, Box Up The Dough, Medieval Munchies, and Boards and Burgers.

The Public and Private Sessions start off at $50pp and finish off with an axe-throwing competition between you and your mates or whoever else is in the building. Otherwise, you could team up with your lover on Date Night to turn the other lovers into losers.

Food packages can also be ordered so that you can enjoy pizzas, burgers or a sharing plate of cheeses, cured meats, artisan olives, homemade fruit pastes, fresh berries, and more while your throwing arm gets a workout. Otherwise, a range of snacks like chocolates and chips can be purchased from the bar. Once you’ve flung, hurled, thrown and tossed enough axes, drop by the bar to end your session with a coldie. You’ve probably deserved it.

If you can hold off until you’re outside the venue, then with neighbours like Plant 4 Bowden, Mister Sunshines, The Gov and The Wheatsheaf, you’ll have no shortage of eatery options. But you might have to let the champion axe thrower decide.


Walk-ins are welcome in Adelaide, but booking ahead is more than advised in order to avoid disappointment. For opening hours and available times, check with the venue website and any questions you might have are more than likely already answered in their FAQs—closed-toe shoes are a must.

If you think that axe-throwing is in your blood, then why not check out the League Nights. It’s like bowling but with axes. And what’s cooler is that the leagues at Maniax are IATF sanctioned so you could soon be introducing yourself as a professional axe-thrower who competes internationally.

Go on, you know you want to get out that pent-up anger. (Some advice: throwing angrily doesn’t help accuracy.)

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Quick Chuck: $45
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