Marvel Studios Is Apparently Moving To Sydney For The Next Five Years

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Marvel Studios Is Apparently Moving To Sydney For The Next Five Years

Our favourite onscreen superheroes could soon be shooting Down Under.

If a recent report in the Daily Telegraph is to be believed, the powerhouse production house is packing up its entire studio and moving lock, stock and barrel to Sydney. The rumoured move would be to Sydney’s Moore Park and could last for at least the foreseeable future – give or take 5 years according to an insider. (Featured image: Dan Freeman)

Films like Thor: Ragnarok and The Invisible Man have previously been shot in Sydney among many others and Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi have already been spotted around the city filming Thor: Love and Thunder last month in Centennial Park.

The report further stated that Australia is the only major country in the world where shooting films extensively can continue as normal given how well the Covid-19 situation has been handled here, which is evident by the number of celebrities hanging out and being spotted somewhere in the vicinity of Byron Bay.


However, the person that leaked the news also said that “Sydney is the perfect place for the Marvel blockbusters because most are essentially shot in front of a green screen”, which wasn’t supposed to be funny or at all what they meant, we think, but is absolutely hilarious if you ask us.

So yeah, Sydney is (most likely, in all probability) getting Marvel Studios. But once they start bragging about it, well, we know what we can say: you’re nothing without a green screen.

In any case, we’re excited for Sydney and fingers crossed for glimpses of some legendary superheroes in the coming months and years.

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