Learn To Meditate And Sleep Better With Netflix’s New ‘Headspace’ Shows

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Learn To Meditate And Sleep Better With Netflix’s New ‘Headspace’ Shows

Learn the art of meditation and better sleep.

Whether you’re new to the world of meditation or a self-proclaimed pro, you might have heard of the revolutionary meditation app ‘Headspace’. (Featured image: Netflix, Headspace Guide To Meditation official trailer, YouTube)

Even if you haven’t tried the app, you can now benefit from some of its content on Netflix, as the streaming giant has launched two original shows in partnership with Headspace, making the power of meditation more widely available and offering an even bigger on-screen experience. Both series aired in early 2021, at a time where people’s mental health and quality of sleep are especially affected due to the worldwide pandemic.

Photo: Netflix

In two special miniseries made up of concise 15- to 24-minute episodes, Netflix and Headspace introduce us to the basics of meditation and sleep science. In ‘Headspace Guide to Meditation‘, viewers are guided through techniques and meditations, learning the principles and benefits of the practice throughout eight episodes. The series touches upon calming exercises such as breathwork and examines how we can better deal with difficult emotions like stress, pain, and anger.

You can watch the official trailer here.


Photo: Netflix

Headspace Guide to Sleep‘ “unpacks misconceptions, offers friendly tips and concludes with a guided wind-down” to help viewers learn how to sleep better. Seven episodes discuss the disruption of our sleep through technology, the world of dreams and nightmares, facts about sleeping pills, how stress affects our good night’s rest, and more.

The Headspace app offers guided meditations, animations, articles, and videos, aiming to improve “the health and happiness of the world” from the comfort of people’s homes. The free version of the app introduces users to the essentials of meditation and mindfulness, and a premium version unlocks access to a library of hundreds of videos and other content designed to tackle everything from stress to sleep.

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Find out more about the Netflix and Headspace series, as well as the Headspace app, here.

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