You Can Now Get Nutella’s B-Ready Chocolate Bars Australia-Wide

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You Can Now Get Nutella’s B-Ready Chocolate Bars Australia-Wide

It’s about damn time too!

Some of us are Nutella-fiends and there is no choc-hazelnut spread substitute that comes close to Nutella’s godly recipe. So, when friends of ours told us about these Nutella choc-hazelnut bars, we were very excited because, one, it’s Nutella, and two, they’re snack size and brilliant to eat on the go.

What they forgot to tell us was that they had gotten their fix overseas and no amount of searching supermarket shelves or neighbourhood milk bars would make them a reality for us in Australia. Unless, we went online and purchased them from abroad.

That is, until, one little convenience store in Redfern, Sydney posted on their Instagram account that they had scored the Nutella B-Ready choc-hazelnut bars. And the people went wild. Some people were already budgeting a spend of $100 and more, which is either an indication of how good these bars are or an indication of how tight a hold on the choc-hazelnut industry Nutella has.


The B-Ready bars are quite simple. They’re a crunchy wafer shell with Nutella inside. And that’s it. Rip the wrapping off and bite, crunch, Nutella goodness.

And from January 4, 2021, every Australian can get their hands on these bad boys from their nearest supermarket or convenience store. Sold individually ($2), or in packs of six ($4.99), we know which were buying first. Gotta save money and buy in bulk.

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