Pfizer Is Developing An Anti-Covid Pill And It Could Be Ready This Year

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Pfizer Is Developing An Anti-Covid Pill And It Could Be Ready This Year

The new Covid-preventing pill “could prevent lockdowns”.

Pfizer has quickly become a household name in the last six months after the US pharmaceutical company developed the world’s first vaccine officially rolled out to prevent Covid-19. The first Pfizer/BioNTech dose was given in the UK on December 8, 2020, and has since been used in numerous countries worldwide. Millions around the globe have now been inoculated be it from Pfizer, or the AstraZeneca and Moderna varieties. (Featured image: Myriam Zilles via Unsplash.)

Now, it is looking like Pfizer could deliver another component for the world’s battle against Coronavirus, in the form of a “Covid-preventing pill”. Human trials are being performed in both the US and Europe, and there is hope that the pill could be widely available by the end of this year.

This would mark the first drug of its kind, and would work alongside vaccines to boost the hope of avoiding lockdowns for good.

Named PF-07321332, it is hoped that the drug would halt serious illness from Covid-19, and would be a necessary addition to tackle the issue of new, vaccine-resistant strains of the virus. The pill is in the trial phase in two anonymous Pfizer buildings in the US and Belgium. This first trial phase is expected to conclude next month, which will be followed by a larger trial if it is successful in fighting Covid-19.

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