This City Bar Is Going Retro With Neon Lights And 80s Arcade Games · Power Up

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This City Bar Is Going Retro With Neon Lights And 80s Arcade Games · Power Up

Owners of The Sorcerer’s Bar turn to the games of the past for their new project, Power Up.

Between running wizard-themed The Sorcerer’s Bar on Bank Street and further studies, brother-sister duo Than and Tira Rattanakosit have found it difficult to keep up with the passion born in their childhood—video games.

But now, they’re turning 25-square metres on Leigh Street into a retro arcade bar complete with bright neon lights and 80s style interior. After a lengthy delay (thanks Covid), they opened late last year and have been going strong since.

Their drinks list is also on point, which they were able to sort out while waiting to open, and features cocktails and Japanese draft beer on offer as well as the Rainbow Road, a multiplayer shot purchase which you can see below.


Most importantly, the new bar will feature arcade games such as Pac Man, Tetris, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mario Bros among, we’re hoping, many more classics. They are taking the games to work!

Power Up will be able to accommodate twenty people and the drinks menu is bound to reflect the aesthetic of the bar.

With the opening of Power Up, we hope that Than and Tira are able to get back to being gamers and not just bar owners.

(Featured image: Photo by Ben Neale on Unsplash)

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