SA Restrictions Reimposed With Limits On Gatherings And Some Closures

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SA Restrictions Reimposed With Limits On Gatherings And Some Closures

Private and public gatherings see restrictions return.

Premier Steven Marshall, speaking to the public earlier today alongside Police Commissioner Grant Stevens and Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier, has made it clear that time is of the essence with news that the Parafield cluster has seen seventeen people infected. (Featured image: Photo by CDC on Unsplash)

Consequently, little time has been wasted in returning to restrictions in a bid to halt the spread and track down those people who may have unknowingly come in contact with an infected person.

Stating that the next 24 hours will be critical for Adelaide and the state of South Australia, midnight tonight sees numerous restrictions come into effect. Some border closures, however, have already been imposed by our neighbours (everyone but NSW and Vic) seeking to prevent transmission entering their communities and all those with interstate travel plans are being urged to double-check or reconsider their need to travel as they may be denied entry.

Current advice from the state government is that all people able to work from home should do so and if physical distancing is impossible to maintain, then masks should be used, especially on public transport.


As of midnight November 16, all gyms and indoor recreational facilities like trampoline spaces and play cafes must close and all South Australian residents are prohibited from going.

All community sports fixtures, indoor and outdoor, are cancelled. However, outdoor fitness activities may continue.

Funeral services have been capped at 50 people, and church services at 100. Both, as well as entertainment venues like cinemas and theatres, must obey the one person per four square metres rule. If you’re getting married, then rest assured because no changes have been made except that all guests must be registered.

Private gatherings and venues are now limited to 50 people, whereas gatherings at private residences are capped at ten residents. Pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants are limited to 100 people per venue, with bookings maxed at out ten people.


Masks are now mandatory for personal care services. They are, however, only encouraged for clients.

Although these restrictions will be in place for the next two weeks, they will be reviewed regularly.

What else?

All activities with approved covid plans have been cancelled and so too have all international flights arriving into South Australia this week.

Schools will remain open except for Mawson Lakes primary school, Thomas Moore College and Holy Family.

No cases have so far been detected in aged care facilities. However, to better protect our elders, aged care residents will be limited to two visitors per day and aged-care workers will be limited to one working at one centre.

All the affected venues can be found here, on the SA Health Contact Tracing website.  All people showing any symptoms of Covid, including mild cases, are urged to get tested immediately at a testing site near them.

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