This Mexican Restaurant Is Serving Up A Taco Special Too Good To Turn Down · Taco Quetzalcoatl

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This Mexican Restaurant Is Serving Up A Taco Special Too Good To Turn Down · Taco Quetzalcoatl

How many tacos are too many tacos?

Is that a question that can be answered? Maybe. And then again, maybe not. (Featured image: Krisztian Tabori)

But there’s only one way to find out the truth and that’s by heading to one of Adelaide’s many Mexican eateries serving up the delicious combination of tortilla, filling and salsa, and ordering taco after taco after taco.

Luckily there are quite a few taquerias to choose from. However, there is one particular Mexican restaurant, with three different venues across Adelaide, that makes the search for how many tacos are too many tacos that little bit easier by serving up all-you-can-eat tacos!

Although we don’t recommend stuffing your mouth and face to the point of not being able to move,—got to stay classy, folks—Taco Quetzalcoatl’s special Sunday offer of all-you-can-eat tacos is back on the menu and the only way we can think of celebrating this amazing news is to go eat as many tacos as we can.

At Taco Quetzalcoatl, diners can choose their choice of meat or go for the vegetarian filling on the traditional, homemade soft-corn tortillas, then keep on eating until you can’t. And it will only cost you $24.95.

We’re not sure if Taco Quetzalcoatl’s Sunday special will be here to stay, but we’re definitely holding out for it to be a regular occurrence.


Even if you can’t make it to Taco Quetzalcoatl this Sunday, you should definitely make the trip to one of their three restaurants—the New York Times did. In the review, they said ”Taco Quetzalcoatl is a humble neighborhood taqueria, a bastion of comfort and delicious food that’s common in many parts of the world.”

Booking is highly recommended if you want to get a seat at the all-you-can-eat taco table this Sunday.

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