Just Some Of Our Favourite Responses To ”Tell Me You’re From Adelaide Without…”

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Just Some Of Our Favourite Responses To ”Tell Me You’re From Adelaide Without…”

There are some things you only know if you’ve lived in Adelaide for so long.

We wanted to know what makes Adelaide Adelaide. So, we put the feeler out on Facebook the other day to get the lowdown from you, our followers and readers, in the form of “Tell Me You’re From Adelaide Without Telling Me You’re From Adelaide ”.

For those that didn’t see it or actively refrain from reading the comments section on social media, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite responses.

Who hasn’t?

Going to see the Christmas lights at the brewery.

Ever heard of “The Family” ?

Meet you at the Malls Balls.

When I was younger, I tried to look up Scotties kilt.

We traumatise our kids by taking them to see the Bunyip.

It’s a small city

“Wait, do you know (name) from (school)?!”

“Omg you know (name)? We worked together at (insert any Foodland/works/coles/woolies/Kmart)!”

“Oh (name)! Bloody legend. We went to uni together”

40 minutes? Nah that’s too far.

This one touched a nerve

I couldn’t get a graduate job in Adelaide because my father didn’t have the right connections.

Food and Drink

I eat Fritz and sauce sandwiches on the Popeye, with a frog cake for dessert.

Blue and White has the better AB.

Nothing beats washing down a pie floater with some strong Farmers Union iced coffee.

I’ll have a double cut roll, thanks.


Best wineries in Australia.

Balfours frog cake.


I’ll drive 80 in a 100 zone, until there is a place for you to to overtake. Then I’ll speed up to 110.

Oh, and I can’t merge, especially onto the freeway where I will get to the end of the merge lane and just stop.

Better lean on something while I wait for the lights to change.

Which way is the freeway running at the moment?

Need to plan my trip to the city around which direction the expressway is going. Thank god that’s over!

How is South Road coming along?

Some more Adelaide things

Where I come from, there are stobie poles.

I’ll ahnswer, not antser, your question.

Just off to buy some Laygo

We had a Formula One GP and a V8 Supercar race in the street circuit until selfish stupid inward-looking politicians decided on our behalf to simply axe them.

The most recent

Can do a 5 day lockdown in 3 days

We infected Victoria recently

I live in the world’s third most liveable city

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