The World’s Largest Inflatable Bouncy Castle Has Added A New Space To Jump Called Sports Slam

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The World’s Largest Inflatable Bouncy Castle Has Added A New Space To Jump Called Sports Slam

It’s the world’s biggest jumping castle at over 1,500 square metres in size and heights of up to 10 metres. But the World’s Biggest Jumping Castle (also its name and certified by the Guinness Book of Records) will also be joined this summer by The Giant, airSPACE and the all-new Sports Slam arena to make for an even bigger amount of fun and bouncing around in the sun.

And adults don’t need to worry about kids getting in their way because there will be adult-only sessions as well.

Woman on bouncy castle holding pink and white ball

The World’s Biggest Jumping Castle has been supersized for 2021, so now you can experience a lot more bounce. Once inside, you’ll find giant slides, obstacle runs, ball pits, climbing towers and basketball hoops as well as oversized inflatable characters. There’s even a seven-metre tall, multi-coloured rabbit for you to climb inside of and get comfy in.

Then, if you find the centre of this humungous bouncy castle, you’ll find the music and the resident DJ pumping out tunes. To add to the fun, there’ll be games, giveaways and plenty of competitions to test out who is the bounciest of you all.

Man trying to balance on bouncy castle obstacle course

If you’ve watched Ninja Warrior and thought that you too could make it through to the end of the course, then The Giant bouncy castle is the jumping castle for you. It’s more than 300-metres long and within its bouncy walls, you’ll find more than 50 obstacles for you to bounce over, through or around.

It’s the perfect challenge-your-mates addition to The Big Bounce arena. But if you’re really keen on an out-of-this-world experience, look no further than airSPACE. The intergalactic-themed bouncy castle is filled with moon craters, spaceships and ball pits. But there’s also a five-lane slide, a maze and an eight-metre tall alien to make friends with.


Sports SlamĀ will attract those with a competitive edge. The new arena is packed full of all kinds of balls, goals, hoops and nets to bring out some friendly competition. There’s even a wall climb and a battle zone where you can challenge your family, friends or anyone else who dares to shape up.

People playing on bouncy castle with confetti and DJ

You’re sure to work up a hunger bouncing around, which is why The Big Bounce also invites along a number of food trucks and vendors during their weekend events. Tickets for adults cost $55 per person and includes access to the three bouncy castles within a three-hour session—entry into the World’s Biggest Jumping Castle will be at a dedicated time.

The Big Bounce Comeback Tour Details

When: 18-20 February

Where: 587 West Terrace, Adelaide (Ellis Park)

Tickets: Adult’s-only sessions from $59pp

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