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Spoil Your Furry Friend Rotten With Treats From This Barking Dog Bakery • The Woofery

If it’s your doggo’s birthday, or even just a random Tuesday, dogs always deserve treats.

And not just any kind of treat. Good treats.

We’re talking about the ones that will have them barking for more, but won’t make them feel bad later if you cave and give them all the treats because they were such a good boy. We know, it’s hard to stick to your guns and tell them no.

But, if there’s one thing we’ve learnt recently, it is that dogs, like us, can get pretty sick from eating shitty food.

Like our own shitty food, shitty dog food is going to be loaded with preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, and dripping with sugars and salts that have no place in a dog’s diet.

And did you know that a heap of doggy treats out on the market today are in fact pretty bad for your furry friend?

Well, if you didn’t, that’s okay. Owners of The Woofery Dog Bakery didn’t know either until their beautiful Labrador x Shepherd Sandy got sick one day.


Since then, they have researched and learnt how to make tasty dog treats and cookies without the need for preservatives, artificial colours, flavours, sugar or salt. And now, they’ve moved out of the grooming salon where they first tested their treats and into new digs with the appropriate baking equipment.

At first, it’s going to take a little bit of trial and error to find the treats your beloved best mate likes. We say that because there are almost twenty different flavoured treats in the Every Day Treats section of their website alone. Then you also have the Semi-Gourmet range for days that are a little bit more special and, obviously, the Gourmet range for whenever else.

If your doggo has an allergy to wheat and/or dairy, then the Woofery has got you covered as well. Birthday and Get Well Soon biscuits are also available. For delivery options, see their website or Facebook.

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