What Advice Would You Give Someone Moving To Adelaide?

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

What Advice Would You Give Someone Moving To Adelaide?

We love Adelaide.

We’re now Australia’s most liveable city, and the world’s third most liveable, which has turned plenty of heads our way.

But just like with any city, there are things you’d want to or like to know before making the move. And the only people capable of knowing what those things are are Adelaideans themselves. So, we put it to our readers and asked If you could give someone moving to Adelaide one piece of advice, what would it be?

As usual, there were some pearlers, some funny remarks and plenty of people telling others to stay away because they like the city just the way it is. Even still, that’s another reason to move here.


It’s a social place and be prepared for some boozy days and nights, it also very underground, everybody knows somebody so connections can be easy.

Clear your calendar in March

Visit Pasadena Foodland

Not advice, just props to ourself

It’s highly underrated. It’s beautiful, we do food extremely well but at a better price than the bigger cities, our wineries and beaches are also world class

Advice and warning

If you are after a slow pace where you have no privacy cause everyone knows everyone. Where people drive really badly but the food is great. Then it’s the place to be!


Just a warning

Bring physical currency and expect to use it

BYO international live music acts

Reasons to move here

From wherever you are in Adelaide it only takes approx 30-40 minutes to get to anywhere else in Adelaide, despite how spread out the city is. It’s an inexplicable phenomenon!!

If you are going to move here…

Just don’t use a removalist from NSW

Isolate for 14 days!!!!

Be prepared to stay for the rest of your life – you’re going to love it

Just Some Of Our Favourite Responses To ”Tell Me You’re From Adelaide Without…”

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