Nominate A Mate To Shovel Shit And Win A One-Off, Two-Hour, $500 Experience For Two

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Nominate A Mate To Shovel Shit And Win A One-Off, Two-Hour, $500 Experience For Two

This is the shittest competition we’ve ever seen, and we love it.

It’s not often you get to nominate a mate to go shovel shit and not feel that bad about it. Now, we can. However, the downside to winning this truly crappy competition put on by Zoos SA is that you have to shovel shit too. But, don’t worry because it’s all for a good cause and after the shit shovelling, there’s a second, less smelly prize to make up for the poop you’ve been scooping. (Featured image:@sleblanc01)

What might that be, you ask?

After helping out the zookeepers clean out the turds, you and your mate (or loved one if that’s who you chose to nominate) will get to spend a few hours at Monarto Safari Park for a behind the scenes look at what goes on and what the animals get up to.

With something like 500-odd animals and 50 species of exotic and native mammals, birds and reptiles, it’s safe to say that they’ve got some pretty special sights at Monarto Safari Park, which also happens to be the largest safari park in the world outside of Africa. Imagine seeing the Southern White Rhino and if you can’t, it might be because they’re a threatened species and there aren’t many of them around.

The prize, which is technically a personalised two-hour experience and also a one-off, is valued at $500. And yes, you do need to pick up the poo. The competition entries close at 5pm Friday, 4 December.

How to enter the Brown Thursday competition?

Head over to the Zoos SA website and fill in the details for your chance to win.

You will need to explain, though, why your mate or loved one deserves to be shovelling shit because of you. And although you might have a tonne of reasons, you’re going to have to keep it to 25 words or less.

I’m currently trying to decide between they are shit and they are the shit. But now that I’ve told you what I’ll write… shit.


You do have to be eighteen years or older to take part.

Following on from Zoos SA’s Brown Thursday competition is their Black (and White) Friday sale where they will be offering an extra three months of membership when you sign up for twelve months. You can also get 50% off tickets for Panda & Friends at Adelaide Zoo when booking two, and also discounts for any retails purchases. The Black and White Friday sale ends on Monday 30 November at 5pm.

And finally, if you’re struggling to think of a Christmas present for someone you don’t give two shits about, how about buying them a shit gift certificate that has an illustration of the animal with a huge stinking pile of poop behind them saying I give a shit about two things: conservation and you.

With money going to help conservation efforts, it’s a bit sweet don’t you think?

To enter the shit shovelling competition and more info on the shitty gift certificates, head over here.

If you’re interested in the sales, head over here.

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