Pixar Putt Is Popping Up At Riverbank Promenade With Some Of Our Fav Characters

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Pixar Putt Is Popping Up At Riverbank Promenade With Some Of Our Fav Characters

Mini golf and fun go hand in hand.

Update: Pixar Putt season has been extended until Sunday 24 October.

Disney’s Pixar-themed putt-putt course is coming to Adelaide with more characters and a new and improved course. A putt around the green is going to be more than just hitting balls into a hole, it’s going to be an adventure full of laughs no matter the age you are.

Landing at Riverbank Promenade, Adelaide Convention Centre, you will be met by perennial favourites Buzz and Woody before tackling either the 9-hole half-course or the full 18-hole level. Our favourites from Toy Story, The Incredibles, A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc., and Inside Out will be around, plus some new characters from recent releases.

To putt you off your mark or lend you a hand, new faces this year will include characters from Onward, Soul, Toy Story 4, Coco, and my personal favourite Ratatouille. Admittedly, my golf game would probably improve with a mouse pulling my hair as if I were a marionette. Then again, so would my cooking if that mouse were Remy.


Just like the movies, the course is designed with all ages in mind. So, whether it’s with the family, the kids or your frenemies at the after-dark sessions running Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights (7-10pm), there’s going to be a battle on the cards and few laughs in between for sure.

To make sure you get to take your shot, book tickets in advance as COVID-19 restrictions will limit the number of people playing the course. Hopefully, that also means no more waiting for other groups to finish holes so you can move on.

Disney-inspired magic for everyone because we adults are kids at heart.

Pixar Putt at Riverbank Promenade, Adelaide Convention Centre, will be around from September 24 to October 17.

Get your tickets here.

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