Pizzateca Are Popping Up At Aldinga Beach Again, But This Summer It’s A Little Different

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Pizzateca Are Popping Up At Aldinga Beach Again, But This Summer It’s A Little Different

This summer, they’re fully licensed!

Last year, Pizzateca opened up a beachside pizzeria serving up four of their delicious pizzas. To say it was a success, we think, is an understatement. We’ve heard stories of hungry — some very hungry — beachgoers rock up and order ten-plus pizzas for their mates waiting back on the beach. (Featured image: Facebook Pizzateca)

Well, those mates will be fed again as Pizzateca are reopening their beachside pizzeria with the added bonus of being fully-licensed. So now, those who like to enjoy their pizza with a beer, they can do that. And for those that prefer a glass of red with their pizza, they can do that too with Mclaren Vale vino from Alpha Box & Dice and Spritz IN A CAN from Riot Wine Co as well.

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to try one of Pizzateca’s pizzas, then let us tell you that they’re some of the best. According to them, this is true pizza — Neapolitan style. Thin with a soft airy crust. Made by hand with no rolling pins. The traditional way. And their sugo — the sauce — is still made by the family themselves, who hail from Abruzzo, except the only difference today is that they use locally sourced South Australian ingredients. Still, no machines and no canned tomatoes. All of it is done by hand.

Unfortunately, Pizzateca won’t be at Aldinga Beach all day and all summer long. They will be there this Saturday, though, from 4pm until sundown so you can kick back with a pizza, a beer, and watch the sunset over the water.

Find Pizzateca at Aldinga Beach from 4pm till sundown on these dates

– 19 Dec – 23 Dec


– 27 Dec – 30 Dec

– 1 Jan – 3 Jan

– 6 Jan – 10 Jan

and then every Wednesday through to Sunday from 13 January. Again, 4pm till sundown.

For more info on Pizzateca, hit up their website.

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